At BR Electronics , we are committed to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction throughout our organization

We educate ourselves, by continuously keeping up to date with the skills needed, in order to provide the highest service to our customers.

Our goal is to be 100% accurate in every case we handle. In this way we ensure that our customers get the best experience and we solve every task to Your satisfaction.

We assess each vendor, in accordance with our quality standards. This is to prevent the supply of fake/suspicious components, not approved components and components whose origin cannot be guaranteed . We currently have over 5,000 suppliers that are blacklisted.

BR Electronic is AS9100D Certified.

Our warehouse is fully  ESD Certified, and we supply components in accommodation to the JEDEC standard IPC / JEDEC J -STD- 020D.1 and IPC / JEDEC J -STD- 033C.1

We have our own testing laboratory, which is equipped with some of the latest equipment to ensure that the components we supply are of the highest quality. We have powerful microscopes to Die verification, electronic testing facilities, high-resolution cameras , etc. . Every component we supply has been through our quality control.

You can read more in BR Electronics’ generel conditions of purchase and terms of sales and delivery.



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