Ensure quality in supply chain


Counterfeit components, is a huge problem in the industry

Over the last couple of years we have seen, that false components can come from all suppliers in the market. In fact, research shows that 21% of all counterfeit components comes directly from authorized distributors. 2% of all counterfeit components comes from directly from the manufacturer.

One of the reasons, amongst others, are “dumpster diving”. OEM employees emptying containers for scrap circles, which is then sent to China to be re- labeled and packaged. 

Then they are sold as original parts. These kinds of counterfeits can be very difficult to detect.

Previously, the problem was that the components just had been remarked, or were used.

Now it’s increasingly seen, that products are built from scratch as copies, or not functioning ” shells ” of original components. These are becoming more and more difficult to identify, as the manufacturers of these fake components, are getting better and better at manufacturing the parts.



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